Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's Pumpkinninny!

I've recently become re-obssessed with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk's brilliant mid-nineties masterpiece, Mr. Show. I probably never lost my love for the program, but I've just recently been annoying (or, I hope) entertaining my pals (and my family) by sending sketches culled from, of course, YouTube. Thing is, whilst looking around for more information about the immortal Josh Fenderman (and the lyrics for the amazing Honesty in Motion tune), I found what I believe to be the inspiration for "the young boy who made faces like he couldn't believe what he'd just said." Behold, Corey Feldman performing "Honesty" on no other show but Electric Circus--MuchMusic's amazing flagship dance music show that allowed, in the early 90s, anyone--as long as they showed up at the right time--to be a ass-shaking extra. The performance is mind blowing. I love the suit, and the dance moves are pure Fenderman. It would only have been better if I could've found a video featuring the other Corey--who, incidentally, I've met on more than one occasion--but that's a story for another time.

Josh Fenderman

Corey Feldman


Tasha said...

oh my god, where did you find this horrendous Corey Feldman footage?

this was just right around the time that Electric Circus started filming on Friday nights instead of Saturday afternoons...

Yet more proof that cocaine is a hell of a drug...


Dave Delaney said...

Awesome! That was the best thing I've seen in forever...seriously though, it is.

Nice meeting you. Stay wacky.

Dave Delaney said...

Hey Erin.
Please tell me you've been to!


Jeromie Burns said...

Actually if you look back to around that same period, maybe even earlier. You'll see corey feldman went through this bizarre michael jackson phase. For a really good laugh pick up: Dream a little dream or like...i think its rock and roll high school or the sequal to rock and roll high school.

Im sure that mind blowing performance is a perfect example of what they were making fun of though. I laughed so hard when i saw the josh fenderman sketch because i recall being young and seeing shitty felman movies on cable and!

It was so long overdue.

P.S. BJ Porter rules