Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cocktails, Cocktails and Countdowns

Last Thursday I hosted a no beer/no wine party--seulement les cockatails! I also insisted (because I like to makes demands of my friends) on cocktail attire. For photos check here. I had a few too many Woohoos, Ameretto Sours, Coke and Wines (thanks Pierre), Alize and Juices, Lemon Jacks, and, I think, Jedi Mind Tricks. After a while it was really tough to tell. Clearly I was intoxicated, else I wouldn't have allowed Ms. Vero to do this. Anyhow, it was a whole lot of fun, so thanks to all who showed up and gave me an opportunity to wear my prom dress again.

The next day I had to write my top ten of the year--no real surprises, except maybe that I'm totally crazy for Keak da Sneak. How great an album is Kunta Kinte? I was at the Mighty Crown dance on Friday (unfortunately not as well attended as one might have wished, but still fun) and they palyed a number of versions of "Ridin' Dirty." Not bad, but when I am going to hear dancehall voicings of hyphy tunes? How great would that be? Seriously.

Imagine what Sizzla or Capleton could do with this:

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Dave said...

Sounds like fun. A good old fashion "Girl Drink Drunk Night" ala KITH!
Were you making Strawberry Alleycats and Chocolate Choo Choos?