Friday, December 29, 2006


I'm in Hackney and it's raining. Shocking. There goes my plan to take a jog this morning. Anyhow, since I'm sitting here lazily, I thought I'd post some pictures of what some people (or perhaps one person who'd like it to catch on) refer to as "God's own borough."

P.S. Sorry for no Christmas blogging, but it's tough to blog from the beautiful technological abyss (i.e. no internet) that is Bourget, Ontario. Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday thus far. I miss you all!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cocktails, Cocktails and Countdowns

Last Thursday I hosted a no beer/no wine party--seulement les cockatails! I also insisted (because I like to makes demands of my friends) on cocktail attire. For photos check here. I had a few too many Woohoos, Ameretto Sours, Coke and Wines (thanks Pierre), Alize and Juices, Lemon Jacks, and, I think, Jedi Mind Tricks. After a while it was really tough to tell. Clearly I was intoxicated, else I wouldn't have allowed Ms. Vero to do this. Anyhow, it was a whole lot of fun, so thanks to all who showed up and gave me an opportunity to wear my prom dress again.

The next day I had to write my top ten of the year--no real surprises, except maybe that I'm totally crazy for Keak da Sneak. How great an album is Kunta Kinte? I was at the Mighty Crown dance on Friday (unfortunately not as well attended as one might have wished, but still fun) and they palyed a number of versions of "Ridin' Dirty." Not bad, but when I am going to hear dancehall voicings of hyphy tunes? How great would that be? Seriously.

Imagine what Sizzla or Capleton could do with this: