Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nowadays, people too deep

Thuderheist is fun fun fun. I got a big kick out of them a coupla weeks ago--though I did feel a little ancient, knowing that Graham isn't exactly a spring chicken makes me realize that it's all right. As it should be.

Given that I've been spending the last week listening almost solely to Mac Dre, it seems that I'm leaning towards an attitude that I need a little less seriousness in my life and a little more dancing. It'll help me deal with the fact that I can't take any more photos like the lovely one of Isis you see here, because I left my camera in a cab after the Omar show on Friday night. If someone finds photos of me looking rather drunk (but with great hair) alongside Omar, please direct me to them.

In general, jumping up and down is a reaction to music that I like to see. Thuderheist seems to have the ability to encourage this kind of behaviour, and for that, I say go listen to Graham and Isis now.

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