Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am not a human being

So I interviewed Lee Perry last week. The attached video will give you a wee sense of the experience...
I now have to figure out some way of translating what many might call genius, but what seems to me to be, well, I don't even know. At the end of the interview--which was hard to end, because Perry kept telling me that he had more time to talk--I was a little speechless. For those of you that know me, it's probably hard to imagine.
Is he a genius? Of course. Is it possible to demonstrate that genius over the phone from Switzerland? Probably not. I have now, however, been made aware that Scratch is not only from the countryside of Jamaica, but he's from the Ice Age. This statement does indeed contradict the above commercial pronouncement. In addition, of course, he's also not a human being. Cue Mad Professor.


the one tashish said...

Great beer, no matter what corner of the universe you reside in.

Most definitely, the man is genius.
I would suggest transcribing the interview and publishing that. No matter what, it'll be sure to be an entertaining read.


wayne&wax said...

yes, do share the interview in some form when you can. i remember reading an extended interview with him in the jamaica observer (or perhaps the gleaner) way back in early '03. it went on and on, and was as engrossing as it was stupefying.