Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh, so true.

So true. But only a Yank or a Canuck would ever say it. And then you're just ridiculed and called a puritan. The fact that it comes from the fear-mongering paper doesn't really help my case though.

I got this from the one blog I read that makes me feel like it's the year 2000 and I'm eavesdropping in on someone else's life rather than the obsessive downloading of new tunes/political punditry that passes for my blog reading these days.


ripley said...

so so so true. boggles the mind

when I was in Budapest, the party I was djing was to go off after an American-Style-football game of the local Budapest team.. that was surreal enough but funny - but it wasn't until the British tourists showed up that things got scary and depressing. people were boneless and vomiting by 10:15pm. that was after lots of sozzled belligerence and screeching mockery. blech.

and my two years in London gave me the same feeling - among the 'normal ' people - the day job people. Funnily enough, the squat parties and warehouses were not so binge-y and unhinged..

Frothy Afterbirth said...

"Brits really are more reserved and repressed than Americans. Americans really are nosier and more intrusive, more prone to be irritatingly chirpy, friendly and outgoing. We come from a country where strangers tell each other to 'Have a nice day' - and actually mean it." - Hahahahahaha!

I say it's puts American collegiates on Spring Break to shame. The influx of European tourists brings a boon to the economy but I think Czech, Greek and Estonian locals at such travel destinations are just about at their wits end when it comes to hordes of Brits looking to "only" get hammered.

Germans are just has opinionated as Americans or Canadians and can be blunt within serious discussions but not usually in everyday conversion or be has loud mouthed as we are (that be us Yanks). One thing for sure is that I've never seen drunken Germans act like animals.