Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Super Shrove Tuesday

It's a day for politics and pancakes. After a discussion with the always insightful Andy Williams last night, I think I might agree with him that it's a shame that Edwards is out of the race. The two of us have no real say, though I haven't been this interested in US politics since the days of hanging chads.

My new interest appears to be reading blogs by former McGill student journalists (I am far too ancient to claim that these folks were my fellow students) Kelly Nestruck and Jean Hannah Edelstein. Both now work for my online paper of choice. Nestruck can express an opinion, but Edelstein actually gets to act on hers. Come on, Jean (or Hannah? or Jean Hannah?), who is it going to be?

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gum chewing american said...

And it's Jean - only started using Hannah while living in Montreal ('99 - '03) and lots of people thought I was a French guy.