Monday, December 03, 2007

I'll dance to anything

Snow is everywhere right now. 30cm of it is blowing all around. I haven't gone outside yet today. Maybe I'll go for a little slog at dusk (which, in this part of the world will be at around 4pm). Anyhow, I liked Untrue when I first heard it last month, but today I love it.
I have to say, however, that all the folks who've written that it's headphone music, not meant for dancing, just might be wrong. I have found myself unable to focus on the writing I'm supposed to do because it's just so darned danceable. A track like "Archangel" is basically spooky Justin Timberlake--it almost begs for a full choreographed treatment with Usher-styled footwork. And I would have been much more likely to get up on my feet for "Near Dark" or "Ghost Hardware" or "Raver" than anything Benga and Hatcha played at that Hallowe'en thing at Death of Vinyl.
Tash just emailed to say she wants to hear it loud. So do I. Headphones just won't do it for too much longer.

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Lucas said...

I accidentally found this...but its interesting. Just thought you should know!