Monday, April 09, 2007

So I did it

As indicated by the title of this blog, for better or for worse, I tend to agree to things that sound like fun. I agreed to dj Bounce le Gros for exactly that reason. Then it sunk in--I've agreed to dj Bounce le Gros.

After much hand-wringing and nervousness, I actually did dj for the first time in a while, and it wasn't a complete fuck up. Ms. Sarah, who told me I need to have a little more "performance based art" in my life (and less "thought based obsession", I'm sure) woulda been proud.

Thanks to everyone that helped me prep and those who came--it was very kind of y'all! Also, thanks to Ghislain for giving me the opportunity to play my favourite dancehall tunes really loud for a crowd that always seems ready and willing to dance. Shame there's only one Bounce le Gros left!


VĂ©ro.b said...

I hope there will be more chances to see you behind the turntables ;) You were great!

Patra said...

so sad i missed it