Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Radio Gaga

Thanks to Robert for commenting on the last post, I spent some time learning about Gaga in addition to Rara. I'm just a beginner here, so thanks!

Anyhow, Michele Wucker writes that "when Haitian migrant cane cutters transplanted the rara to the Dominican Republic, the Spanish attempt to pronounce the French 'r' turned the word into gaga, an unintentional but appropriate play on the word's other meaning, 'crazy.'" There's also Gaga that goes on in NYC.

For an example, check this video of Grupo Kalunga Nèg Mawon by Dennis Flores. These folks aim to both preserve an demonstrate the collective identity/ies in what is now Haiti and the Dominican republic. They also sound wicked.


Robert said...

That was actually one of the nyc bands that I was going to send you a link of! haha cool
That video was taken during a yearly festival in Washington Heights and I believe that that same year one of the bands profiled in the rara documentary that you mentioned also performed.
Just so you know most Dominicans are not into gaga music. In fact some dont even want to be associated with it, mostly out of racism, but of course there are other Dominicans such as myself and many, many more that also identify with it and celebrate it as one of the many things that our culture shares with Haiti.
We are in the minority though.

thanks for mentioning me, I love your blog.
Check my reggae band when you get a chance

Véro.b said...

I enjoy this gaga music ;)